Curation Analytics
Curation Data
Put your curation data to work.
Identify taste groups and their leaders.
API access to your insights.
Taste Groups
“following” and “friending” not required
Bring like-minded curators together around content.

Raw Curation Data
Shared Tastes
Taste Group
Curator Scores
Identify talented curators
Curators are your greatest asset. Identify, acknowledge, empower, and reward talented curators.

Taste Group
Leaders Identified
Curation powered streams
Taste groups generate their own newsfeeds powered by the collective efforts of curators.
Curation powered recommendations
Drive recommendations from curation activity, not abstract algorithms.
Seed Collection
Taste Group
Similar Collections
Unlocking curation data drives 'content first' community.
The results look striking... helps you see product segment interest.
Shows... herd mentality among institutional investors.
Seeing market trends... usually takes some legwork. Curalytics does this automatically.
The tool…lets you curate the curators.
The tool lets you… see patterns of influence and influencer groups.
It helps identify a more effective way of marketing online.
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