Scale The Personal Touch
Total Curation System
Curalytics is a complete curation & discovery solution.
Give your users list-making abilities.
Analyze lists to reveal taste groups.
Leverage taste groups to scale the personal touch.
Capture your audience’s passions. Enable lists instantly.
Curalytics provides a "save" button, stores your user's lists, and publishes them back to your app.
It starts with a button.
When lists are similar, taste groups emerge.
See inside each taste group.
Strategically leverage curation assets.
Head of Curation & Editorial
Are the curation and editorial teams working blind? Can they see how tastes are evolving and react? Enable them to plan, delegate, and grow curation assets strategically.
How does a freelance curator know what to make? How do they know if their collection isn't in fact overlapping with established interests? Empower freelancers to curate strategically by allowing them to see the curation universe that already exists.
Is your team curating quality or merely quantity? Go beyond metrics like the number of collections made and the number of content added. See the structure of your taste community to understand the quality of your curation, not just the quantity.
Ad Sales
Want to connect advertisers with taste groups and build sponsored collections? Equip your sales team with the taste groups information they need to sell campaigns.
Marketing & PR
Enable marketing, PR, and the social media team to easily tweet, blog, and publicize the state of your curation community.
Product & Technology
Want to build taste groups into your product? You can. And it's just one part of our curation analytics ability.
Introduce people to communities of curators and their top picks on every content page. Taste groups power curated experiences at scale.
Introduce people to their like-minded peers and their top picks for each of their lists. Taste groups introduce people to their trusted curators at scale.
Unlocking curation data drives 'content first' community.
The results look striking... helps you see product segment interest.
Shows... herd mentality among institutional investors.
Seeing market trends... usually takes some legwork. Curalytics does this automatically.
The tool…lets you curate the curators.
The tool lets you… see patterns of influence and influencer groups.
It helps identify a more effective way of marketing online.
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