Free curation analytics for all but the largest datasets.
Free API access for the first 100,000 operations.
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Curated Items
The total number of curated items. E.g. 1,000 lists with 5 items per list totals 5,000 curated items.
0 - 10k 10k - 50k 50k - 100M
Step 1: Get Curalytics

See Curalytics in action & review results with a data scientist.
Price FREE FREE Call
Consultation With a Data Scientist
Help Selecting & Importing Data
1-on-1 Results Review
Curation Analytics
Identify Taste Groups
Compute all Features
Number of Datasets One One Custom
Number of Analyses One One Custom
Taste Map
Preview Curalytics Powered Functionality for:
Taste Groups
Your Collection Pages
Your Content Pages
Step 2: Integrate & Test

4 weeks to integrate and A/B test with free integration support.
Integrate & Test
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Support & Guidance
API Support
UX/UI Guidance & Review
Live Chat WIth Our Engineers
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Step 3: Launch

Deploy Curalytics in your app.
Curation Analytics
Monthly Price Per Feature FREE $99 Call
Access to Raw Outputs Available
API Features
Full API Access
All Javascript Widgets
"Powered By Curalytics" Logo Required Negotiable Optional
API Operations
Price per 1,000 Operations FREE $0.10 Call
Free Tier up to 100,000 up to 1,000,000 up to 1,000,000